Hookah smoking is more dangerous than cigarettes.

Based on recent research and available data, smoking from a hookah pipe is more dangerous than cigarette smoking.

A hookah is fundamentally a water pipe with a fused smoke chamber, attached to a large bowl with  small hose attachment. As a special form of tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through water in a confined chamber to cool it, and then moves through a sock attached to a mouthpiece.

The water within the hookah in no way acts as a filter for the toxic components in the tobacco smoke, which is just as toxic as tobacco restrained in a standard cigarette. It turns out that hookah smokers may actually intake larger volumes of tobacco smoke–in part, as an impact of inhaling deeper, and smoking for longer periods of time (up to one hour a session).

A study published, in August 2012, explains that hookah smoking had similar aftermath on lung functioning and respiratory symptoms, like hest tightness, coughing, and wheezing- in hookah smokers and deep inhalation cigarette smokers.

As new research starts to arise about hookah smoking, available evidence presents many health issues:

Just like  cigarette smoking, hookah smoking is concerned with increased risk for heart diseases, lung and oral cancers, and other vascular-related disease.

Smoke from a hookah pipe comprise of high levels of carbon monoxide(CO), tar, heavy metals and other chemicals which are associated with cancer i.e. carcinogenic.  Furthermore, peoples who smoke from a hookah pipe are exposed to higher levels of carbon monoxide and smoke  than cigarette smokers.

Hookah smoke also contains about as much nicotine as cigarettes, which may lead to tobacco addiction  both physically and psychologically.

Secondhand smoke produced from the hookah can also potentially afflict others who have not actually smoked from the pipe itself.

The hookah pipes may also render a potential vector to spread infectious disease, as multiple people smoke from the same bowl and often share mouthpieces. In addition, the pipe itself may not be cleaned and disinfected properly between users, further adding to concerns for spreading communicable disease.
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